We are non-profit

We do it out of love. We are part of the International Association for Arts and Culture (ISAC), a civil association registered in Slovakia.

We bring people together

Our events attract audience members and storytellers from all walks of life. We want to connect people and cultures through stories.

We love storytelling

Stories are an intrinsic part of societies and cultures. Stories change our lives, give us knowledge, inspire greatness and heal our souls.

Our Events


True Stories

Anyone who wants to share a personal story can do so for 9min or less and tell true tales about life, experiences, passion, goals, taboos, cultures, romance, adversity – you name it. We believe every true story is an opportunity to learn something about others, ourselves and has the potential to make a difference to our understanding of the world around us.

Our goal is to gather in a prejudice and judgment free environment to share true stories that make us think, laugh, cry, hope, wonder, learn and care. Nobody is forced to tell a story, so feel free to come and just listen to others’ true stories.

We strive to create an environment where speakers and attendees can mingle, and network with one another. Bring friends if you want but above all, bring ears to listen, a mouth to tell and a heart to feel.


Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories for Adults is an all-genre, one-of-a-kind story arts event produced by Story Nights for grown ups where the stories are told in many different forms and styles.

In every event, we present a handful of captivating and engaging performing artists (storytellers, entertainers, actors, musicians, artists, etc.) who come from various countries and backgrounds.

We bring back the magical story time of childhood and at the same time stimulate your gown up curiosity and senses. Come join us in your favorite pajamas if you wish. We strive to create an event that resembles a private party among friends in a comfortable and private environment.

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